sexta-feira, 1 de dezembro de 2017

SYLE em Itália, para jovens que já dominem medianamente a língua italiana

 Servas Friends,
I am Regional Coordinator for Lombardia (NORTH Italy) . In curreent year we had very positive experiences with SYLE for young people, that we hosted in Italy, Ines from Chile, Bogi from hungary, Dorota from Polen, Isabela from Brazil, Christa and Charlotte from Belgium, Daniel from Spain.
Syle has supported our new SERVAS YOUTH GROUP, that is deeply involved in welcoming Young Servas Hosts!!!
We all are strongly willing to repeat this opportunity for next year 2018 too.
So we inform you, that we have some families READY TO WELCOME 4-5 young people from your country for 2-4 weeks, in Italy.
At the same time, we have some young Travellers who may be interested to come to your country for SYLE. Are you ready to activate SYLE projects in your country the next year? Are you ready to offer NOT ONLY Language but CULTURE-DAILY LIFE SHARING opportunities at your home?
Timing: for SYLE in June/July/August 2018, contact before end December 2017.
For SYLE in SEptember/October/November/December 2018, contact me before end March 2018.
Please contact me for any further information and question.
Peace & Love
Raffaella Rota - Servas Coordinator And Youth Group Lombardia Italy

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